Peace Prize

International Peace Prize was established in 2020 by Give Peace a Chance initiative in the area of peace-keeping, resolution of conflicts, dialog facilitation, humanitarian activities for the benefit of war victims, anti-war and non-violent action art, peace education and promoting of humanistic values in art, culture and science.

The award is given in following categories:

  • Peace Guides — those who inspire us from the past.
  • Peace Watch — those who are our elders in the present.
  • Peace Breeze — those who give us hope for the future.

At the discretion of the organizing committee, the award might be given for outstanding achievements in current or previous years. The organizing committee is formed from representatives of civic organizations and initiatives.

Peace Prize · 2021

Elena Levina

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Breeze" is awarded to Elena Levina for her keenness and courage, promoting humanity in art, humanitarian work, photos and media from the front-line, media materials and interviews from hot spots, organization of educational anti-war events: e.g. dialogue worker Goran Lojančić's workshops in Moscow, film screenings about the "White Rose" Resistance student group and dialogue facilitation.

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Marina Fadeeva

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Breeze" is awarded to Marina Fadeeva for her deep thinking and creation, anti-war educational activities, “War is behind the times” project,  “A Minute of Non-silence” and  “Festive anti-war charity marathon”.

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Veronika Pechugina

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Breeze" is awarded to Veronika Pechugina for her responsiveness, determination, reliability, kindness, eagerness to help, international solidarity, humanitarian work, anti-war actions, organization of the anti-war auction and other events.

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Dasha Ivchenko

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Breeze" is awarded to Dasha Ivchenko for her responsiveness, eagerness to help, сivic courage, international solidarity, organization of the anti-war events and actions.

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Arseniy Kumankov

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Guides" is awarded to Arseniy Kumankov, PhD of philosophy, for his research on the Philosophy of War in the field of the Ethics of War. Research and Publications 

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Irina Gordeeva

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Guides" is awarded to Irina Gordeeva, PhD of History, for her research in the field of history of pacifism in Russia and preserving the history of the independent peace movement in the USSR in the late 1970s — 1980s. Lists of Publications on the Academic Websites 

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Vitaly Adamenko

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Guides" is awarded to Vitaly Adamenko for his research, classification and promotion of ideas of nonviolence and his unique contribution to providing availability of electronic materials and sources on the topic of nonviolence. He has been the compiler of “Beyond Violence” library for many years. Vitaly’s main accomplishment is the huge base of content he finds all over the place — archives, book flea markets, bulletins, meetings, etc — which he scans and digitizes. In any region where literature is poorly available, you can go to "Beyond Violence" website and learn everything about nonviolence. The website address of the antimilitarist project "Beyond Violence" in Russian is: Links:


Goran Lojančić

International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Watch" is awarded to independent dialogue worker Goran Lojančić for his compassion, wisdom, courage, responsiveness, promoting and implementing the social dialogue in the areas affected by wars and other violent conflicts and for his dialogue work on the frontline at the east of Ukraine. Lectures in Moscow 



International Peace Prize – 2021 of "Peace Watch" is awarded to Human Rights Center "Memorial"* for their "Hot Spots" program and their contribution to antiwar movement and civic solidarity:

  • monitoring and human rights work in zones of armed conflict,
  • defending rights of victims of military conflicts in international courts,
  • legal assistance to refugees from war zones,
  • publishing the truthful information about military conflicts.

*Memorial has been listed as a "foreign agent" NGO by the Ministry of Justice of Russia

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International Peace Prize – 2021 Sympathy Prize is awarded to Vita for her fortitude and courage, preserving humanity in a war, and for bringing people together unintentionally.

Peace Prize · 2020

Varia Darevskaya

International Peace Prize — 2020 of "Peace Breeze", in the area of peace-keeping is awarded to the artist Varia Darevskaya for her humanity, fearlessness, honesty, dialogue facilitation, humanitarian activism, and war opposition.


Daria Apakhonchich

International Peace Prize – 2020 of "Peace Breeze" in the area of action of art is given to an artist Daria Apahonchich for her courage, love, compassion, and common sense.

Daria invents and conducts performances and art actions against war and militarism in defense of repressed activists, in support of repressed activists and women who have been subjected to violence. Apohonchich protests discrimination and calls for government accountability. She is one of the founders of the group {rodina}, a participant of the initiatives {NE MIR}, the party of the dead, co-organizer of the anti-war festival Baltic Glory, and the channel "feminists explain", and the project "Fairy Tales for Girls".

In 2020, Daria participated in organizing an exhibition of solidarity with the women of Belarus, an anti-militarist marathon with activists from Ukraine, Sweden, and Finland, and an online workshop on writing feminist fairy tales UN Women.

She teaches Russian to his students from Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran. She has been working with people from all continents: festivals, exhibitions, lessons, work; anti-militarism, feminism, ecology.

On December 28, 2020, Daria Apahonchich was included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of individuals and media foreign agents. She is neither a media outlet nor an agent of anyone.

The Organizing Committee of the award expresses Daria its support due to the repressions and wishes for her strength and the restoration of justice. More about Daria's actions of art 


Creative Space STEP

International Peace Prize – 2020 of "Peace Breeze" is awarded to Creative Space STEP for promoting humanitarian values, organizing events to support civil society and anti-war initiatives, educational lectures about the anti-war movement, human rights festivals, and anti-war theater performance.  Facebook page.


Nalia Ibragimova

International Peace Prize – 2020 of "Peace Breeze" is awarded to Nalia Ibragimova for her love and righteous honesty, for her humanitarian and environmental protection efforts, her work on the frontline, as well as her part in an anti-war auction. Links & video 

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Art & Craft shop, Horlivka

International Peace Prize – 2020 of "Peace Breeze" is awarded to Antonina Bondarenko and Elena Kamshilova, for the art & craft shop which they established in the frontline town of Horlivka. In time of war, they brought peace, beauty, and an atmosphere of joy and warmth. The women are awarded for organizing community help for the weak, as well as creating a place of companionship for craftsmen and local people looking to remedy their harsh daily reality.  VK Page.


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  • do not incite hatred

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